Alutaguse parish, Vasavere village, Pannjärve   +372 5305 7776   puhkekeskus(ät)    

Seikluspark on avatud september-oktoober L, P 11.00-18.00.
Muulajal grupid ūle 10 seikleja eelbroneerimisega. Tuubipark ei tööta.


Opening hours

  • Weekdays 11.00 - 20.00 (we issue sports equipment until 19:00)
  • On weekends 11.00 - 18.00 (we issue sports equipment until 17:00)
  • The set includes skis, ski poles and ski boots.
    The skis are lubricated for freestyle riding.

    Skis are rented on the basis of an identity document. In the case of a group, the document of one responsible person is valid. Please arrange school physical education classes and sports days in advance (5305 7776; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Ski rental is open during the season and equipment is rented by the receptionist located in the main building.

    Cross-country ski set rental € / 1 hour.

  • The set includes three disks - one long-distance, one central disk and one putter.

    If desired, the lender will receive a score card to indicate the results.
    The results can also be conveniently entered on the phone in the environment.

    Disc golf courses with fluffy snow are not rented in winter.
    Disc rental 3 € / pc.

  • The walking stick is of suitable length if you support the elbow body close and hold the handle of the stick so that the stick rests down and the arm is parallel to the ground.

    You can also use a simple formula to find the right length of walking stick:
    Length x 0.68, ie if the walker is 165 cm long, then the correct length of the stick would be 165 x 0.68 = 112.2 cm or 110-115 cm
    Walking stick rental 1 € / 1 hour.

  • Roller skate rental 5 € / 1 hour.

  • Car rental with pedals 5 € / 1 hour.

  • Scooters can be used from spring to autumn during the snowless period.
    Snowmobiling in the winter with snow
    Rental price 5 € / 1 hour.

  • At the back there are outdoor basketball and volleyball courts, which are located outdoors and can be used from spring to autumn.