Alutaguse parish, Vasavere village, Pannjärve   +372 5305 7776   puhkekeskus(ät)    

Seikluspark on avatud september-oktoober L, P 11.00-18.00.
Muulajal grupid ūle 10 seikleja eelbroneerimisega. Tuubipark ei tööta.

Alutaguse Adventure Park


You can pay with a bank card!

There are 5 trails in the adventure park, where you can choose tasks of different difficulty and long flights across the lake. The adventure tracks have a total of 33 sports games that require precision and attention. The tracks are designed so that the tasks gradually become more complex. In the Alutaguse Adventure Park, there are easier alternatives to physically heavier and more daring games, so that the tracks are affordable for everyone to cross.

It is possible to do your first cycling on the rope 6m above the ground.

Trails 1-5 of the adventure park and long lake descents are suitable for adults and children up to 140 cm in length. Minors can climb large trails under the supervision of a responsible adult.

Long flights across the lake are a really cool experience to come and experience for yourself. In Alutaguse Adventure Park, you can ride at high speed on two different ropes across the lake - 400 and 220 meters long.


Children's track with 22 different exciting games suitable for children from 4 years of age with a length of at least 110 cm. If the child is shorter, the instructor can assess his dexterity, which determines the possibility of crossing the track. All small adventurers get a safety harness with a personal helmet and tracks, which only has a roller to connect to the track. The child is secured to the safety rope at the beginning of the track with a roller, from which the child has no need or possibility to detach. After the last element, the roller itself is released. Our children's track has a unique lifeline that automatically accompanies a child in Estonia, where carabiners are not disconnected and disconnected. Therefore, children can go on adventures on their own, sometimes at a height of up to 4 m, leaving their parents a lot of freedom of action!


Summer tubing is only possible in Estonia here - in Alutaguse Adventure Park! The adventure park has tube rental and tube tracks open all year round.


When visiting the adventure park, we recommend dressing sportily and wearing comfortable closed shoes.