Alutaguse parish, Vasavere village, Pannjärve   +372 5305 7776   puhkekeskus(ät)    

Seikluspark on avatud september-oktoober L, P 11.00-18.00.
Muulajal grupid ūle 10 seikleja eelbroneerimisega. Tuubipark ei tööta.
Alates 01.11.2023 läheme Talvepuhkusele ja kohtume kevadel

MoBo orienteering

A new permanent track built in Alutaguse (also known as Pannjärv) sports center with MOBO support!

MOBO, or mobile orientation, makes it possible to traverse permanent orienteering tracks in a modern way, replacing traditional aids with smart devices.
The three in one mobile phone replaces the map, compass and pointing device.

MOBO Alutagusel
MOBO - is a modern way to practise orienteering on permanent courses. You may visit the controls in free order when you have time alone or with friends by running, walking, bicycling or skiing. How to use a MOBO application?
  1. Open the app and choose the course from list.
  2. Navigate to the control using map and compass.
  3. Make the punch in control - making a photo of QR code with MOBO application from the control point.
  4. All punches are saved to the MOBO website, where you can see results and statistics.
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